Ello! My name is Charlie! You might know me as PinkStylist on Youtube, hi!
     I'm a special effects makeup artist that loves creating things that are weird and wonderful!

     Makeup has ALWAYS been my passion; the idea that a person can become anyone or anything they want to with makeup has always fascinated me! So with every chance I get I try my best to come up with new and interesting makeups because, well, why not!

     When it comes to qualification I can proudly say that I am a qualified Makeup Artist educated in all areas of Makeup application, my qualifications are: VTCT, BTEC, Diploma and Degree (a grand total of 6 years of study).

     I have been trained in all areas of makeup including: theatrical character makeup, cosmetic makeup, Special Effects (including creating and using prosthetics), and face and body Painting. I am also a trained Hair Stylist and Wig and Postiche Maker. So as you can guess, I spend my life learning new and interesting skills, I'll never be done learning because it's always so fascinating!

     I'm currently working as a digital creator teaching others my techniques and how to create various different effects with makeup and how to create some truly horrific characters with affordable FX makeup.

     "My brushes are more than just my tools, they are my means of expressing something I am extremely passionate about, and are an extension of myself."
Charlie Short / PinkStylist
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