I'm Charlie Short, a 28 year old Special Effects Makeup artist... Hi there!

Chances are you heard of me from Youtube! I host a special effects makeup channel currently with 2.2 Million Subscribers "PinkStylist" :D I also have a gaming channel: "PinkStylistPlays".

Makeup has ALWAYS been my passion; the idea that a person can become anyone or anything they want to with makeup has always fascinated me! So with every chance I get I try my best to come up with new and interesting makeups because, well, why not!

I am a qualified Makeup Artist educated in all areas of Makeup application, my qualifications are: VTCT, BTECH Diploma and a Degree, at all times striving for distinction.

I have been trained in all areas of makeup including: theatrical character makeup,
Cosmetic makeup for any occasion (from basic day makeup to avant garde fashion run way), Special Effects (including creating and using prosthetics), Face and body Painting and much much more!

I am also a trained Hair Stylist, Wig and Postiche Maker. So as you can guess, I spend my life learning new and interesting skills, I'll never be done learning!

Being a freelance Makeup Artist I have had the pleasure of working with some wonderfully awesome people and have done some super fun work.

"My brushes are more than just my tools for beauty, they are my means of expressing something I am extremely passionate about."

Q: Are you accepting makeup jobs?
A: Absolutely! I am booked quite far in advance though so please email me on: Charlie@Charlie-Short.com so I can make sure I have the time free.

Q: What are your rates?
A: My rates are completely dependent on the job required, email me at: Charlie@Charlie-Short.com for a quote :)

Q: How can I request a makeup tutorial for you?
A: Your best place to recommend a makeup is on my YouTube channel itself, I may not be able to reply to every comment, but I always note down who request which makeup so I can credit accordingly in my videos :)

Q: How often do you go on Omegle? Do you announce when you do?
A: I don't usually schedule my Omegle sessions, although I try to get on once a week. I don't announce when I go on, as it might spoil the surprise and affect the reactions I get negatively.

Q: Do you supply your own makeup?
A: Absolutely! I always use my own products unless otherwise requested.

Q: What products do you use?
A: I have tried and tested most makeup products used throughout the industry and I use what I feel works the best for my clients; from cosmetic companies such as: Clinque, M.A.C Cosmetics, Illamasqua, Barry M, Star Gazer, Temptu, Ben NYE, Bobbi Brown Cosmetics, L'Oreal, Urban Decay and many many more.
For the more theatrical and special effects based makeup jobs I use brands such as Kryolan, Grimas, Mehron and Snazaroo.
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Business only contact Details: Charlie@Charlie-Short.com
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